15 Hollywood Celeb Personal Assistant Tell All

If you want to know something about a celebrity, get on the good side of their personal assistant. They are closest to the stars next to family. Being with their celeb boss 24/7 gives them full access to their life up to the intimate details. Although most personal assistants are loyal to a tee, some have spilled the tea. Here are the most epic, unusual, and even cringe-worthy facts about your favorite celebs told by their own personal assistants.

Kim Kardashian

We all know that Kim Kardashian has been under the knife a couple of times to achieve that infamous Kardashian body. What we did not know is that she froze the fat harvested from her for future use. According to a source close to Kim, her p.a., Stephanie Sheppard, Kim plans to use the stored frozen fat as fillers on her face, and to fill her famous behind should the need arise. No wonder Kim has amassed a high credit score as she seems wise about her expenditures.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga went under fire when her trusted ex-personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, filed a case against her for numerous counts of unjust labor practice. According to O’Neill, she had no personal space when she was working with Gaga. Aside from forbidding her to do personal stuff, she was forced to share a bed with Gaga and shower with her because the star can’t do things alone. Although they have settled outside court, O’Neill has plans to release a book about it that could gain her big credits.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie might be a superwoman on the outside, but behind closed doors, she has skeletons she hides. According to the former assistant of Jolie, Ana Charlotiaux, Jolie is a drunkard and locks her children in their bedrooms when she goes overboard. Not only that. Jolie also makes her assistants watch her movies over and over again despite their displeasure. Charlotiaux spoke up about her experience with Jolie and she filed a case against her for illegal termination of employment.

Jennifer Aniston

A former assistant for superstar Jennifer Aniston claims that she was somewhat overbearing. According to this no-name assistant, Jen does not like the icky feel of sweat, so in between takes, Jen asks people to fan her with all their might and put ice her face and neck to cool her down. It doesn’t sound too overbearing, but it pays to know that Jen is all for feeling fresh all day.

Christian Bale

Harrison Cheung, the former assistant of Christian Bale, penned a book to his credit telling his experiences under the wing of Bale. The book was filled with rants, to be honest. From smelling Bale’s armpit to caring for his uncommon pet, Cheung had a lot to say about Bale. These were not things that assistants typically do for their boss, he probably thinks. Cheung was just not ready for the assistant job.

Anna Wintour

When fashion is involved, the name Anna Wintour comes to mind. She is the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. According to rumors, she was the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. Anna was given the nickname Nuclear Wintour because she throws a fit when things do not go well. However, some of her former assistants denied the claims. If these are true, then her toughness must be for a purpose, as those who trained under her are now among the biggest names in fashion.

Jessica Simpson

It is common for assistants to cringe over their boss’s clinginess and diva attitude, but for someone to complain about their boss’s being a smarty pants is eyebrow-raising. A source says that Jessica Simpson had her door swinging non-stop because her assistants keep quitting. Jessica was said to be too smart to be a celebrity. Well, this is true as Jessica grew her credit score as an entrepreneur. Some of the people who worked for her mock her for using her celebrity status to get free meals.

Mariah Carey

How can we forget about Mariah Carey? It is no secret that Mariah is a real diva from head to toe and she is known for making demands pre-performance. Accordingly, keeping up with her must be impossible for her assistants. One of her assistants, Molly, burst out in tears due to frustration involving an Apple TV. As Molly said, MC cannot sleep without it. And, if she did not sleep, she cannot perform. Apparently, the concerning part here was that MC’s assistants are not allowed to cry at work and even date for a year. Afetr Molly’s outburst was caught on cam, some have speculated that it’s because she got a taste of MC’s diva attitude.

Kylie Jenner

We are all sure that an assistant job to a Kardashian is high-paying enough to enable one to secure a home loan. And for that, You might want to keep it as much as possible. Although Victoria Gamero made the right choice of not spilling anything about Kylie’s daily demands, some of her ex-assistants made fun of her smoothie preferences. According to them, Kylie is very particular about the temperature of her smoothie. She also expects that her assistants know what her go-to flavors are, as well as her opinions on straws.

Naomi Campbell

It is safe to say that Naomi Campbell crossed the line when she became abusive to her assistant. Amie Castaldo, her former assistant, filed a suit against Naomi, claiming that the model was verbally and physically abusive. According to Amie, she was humiliated and became Naomi’s punching bag. Likewise, she thinks Naomi is in dire need of help.

Taryn Manning

The actress had to hire a lawyer after her former assistant filed charges against her for battery. Manning was reported to have choked, punched, and slammed the head of her assistant. Apparently, the two settled outside court.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber had a wild life during his teenage years, including getting caught with illegal substances in the airport. Although he was given a sanction, his male assistant, Terrence Reche Smalls, seems to have taken the blame and was fined twice for it. Likewise, male assistants are reportedly what his management team prefers since Bieber can’t help but play around with pretty staff.

Sarrah Jessica Parker

A former assistant of SJP claims that SJP is practicing witchcraft. Odd as it sounds, SJP even reportedly required her assistant to have at least a bachelor’s degree. And if she is from an Ivy league school, then it is a win. Despite all the oddities, SJP is said to be very caring to her assistants.


The ultra-successful singer and actress, Madonna, hires assistants for more than one thing. Aside from keeping her day going, she also got an assistant to monitor her eating habits. She requires them to be tough on her. But she gets angry when they do their job.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson had her diva moment when she got pissed about the unremoved tag on her clothes that kept hanging while she performed. Understandably, what happened to Keri on stage was shameful, and her reaction was arguably justified. Despite all these, no one deserves to be belittled by anyone at all.