15 Secrets About Movie Stars We had No Idea About

Celebrities might be public figures but we do not know everything about them. Technically, they only show what is appealing about them and hide those that aren’t so much. We get it, they are not perfect. Nobody is. Still, here are some interesting facts about our favorite celebs that, to some degree, may shock you.

Sophie Turner’s allergies

Sophie has a case of asthma that makes her uncomfortable with horses. So, just imagine the suffering she goes through when shooting a scene involving a horse. The good thing is she always carries her inhaler.

Tilda Swinton Had a Very Famous classmate

Tilda Swinton is, to her credit, a very famous British celebrity, but did you know that she used to sit next to someone who is more famous than her today? Tilda went to a prep school in Kent with a lot of well-off kids, including Princess Diana herself.

The Mystery of Kit Harrington’s name

The actor Kit Harrington thought his name was just Kit until learned that his full name was Christopher when he was eleven. How could that have happened?

Royal Benedict Cumberbatch

Technology today lets you know who your ancestors are. As for Benedict, he hails from an English monarch and is a descendant of King Richard III. No wonder he looks so elegant and noble.

Chris Pratt’s Famous Pet

If you are a fan of Stuart Little, perhaps the name Snowbell rings a bell. Apparently, Snowbell belonged to the Pratt family – Chris Pratt and now ex-wife, Anna Farris. Interestingly enough, Snowbell gained popularity before Chris.

Dev Patel is s Martial Artist

The award-winning actor and star of Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel, is not just about acting. When he was young, his mother enrolled him in a martial arts class to channel his intense energy. As usual, Dev succeeded and once competed in an international competition. So for moms out there, you might want to take a cue from this one and look for a martial arts online class to let your kids do something with their extra energy.

Multidialectal Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron grew up in South Africa. According to her bio, she used to travel with her family from time to time and was able to learn 26 dialects of Afrikaans. In fact, that makes her multilingual as she knows English and Afrikaans.

Jackie Chan has No Insurance

Jackie Chan became famous for doing the stunts in his movies. As such, he amassed several injuries while performing for the camera.  For that reason, many insurance companies refused to insure him because they dreaded having to pay for his medical expenses. As a result, Jackie pays his medical bills in cash.

Nicole Kidman Became A Millionaire In Just Two Minutes

Do you remember when Nicole Kidman starred in a two-minute-long commercial? It felt like a short movie but was just a commercial. Anyway, it was for the brand Channel and Nicole looked stunning as ever. Over that two minutes of air time, Nicole was said to have earned $3.71 million. Wow!

Gwendoline Christie is 6’ 3”

Gwendoline Christie is a British actress who gained fame through the TV series Game of Thrones. Gwendoline is a real stand-out, not because of her beauty but because of her towering height. Gwendoline stands six foot three and is even taller than Uma Thurman. She does not play sports though and had difficulties with body image. She credits the photographer who got her to do several modeling stints that eventually made her accept her body.

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie’s Friendship History

Long before Kim Kardashian was a household name, she was friends with Nicole Richie, the daughter of Lionel Richie. The two have been friends since they were twelve and they got to know each other through their parents. Likewise, Richie was the one who first shot to fame, and Kim was her assistant. As fate would have it, Kim rose to stardom and is now worth more than Richie.

Emma Roberts’ Paintings

Emma Roberts is known for her great acting skills as well as her activism. Aside from acting, the American Horror Story star is also into painting. As such, Emma has a vast collection of art pieces in her home including her self-portraits. Since Emma is all about female empowerment, being a fan of her own self speaks everything about her position.

Sandra Bullock’s Polar Opposite wins

We all know that Sandra Bullock is one of the most trusted and respected actresses in Hollywood. From comedy to drama, she sure can win a score. Apparently, she is also capable of winning an Oscar and a Raspberry award in the same year. Sandra won the best actress for the film The Blind Side but got a Golden Raspberry award for worst actress for the film All About Steve. Honestly, it is kind of confusing how such a thing could happen. Was it all credit to Sandra’s method of acting, or was it the script and director?

Eddie Murphy is a Father of Ten

I bet this one is not a secret anymore. Eddie has been open about his personal life ever since he started working in the industry. To count, Eddie now has ten children – two from his relationship with Tamara Hood, five from Nicole Mitchell, one with Melanie Brown, and two with his current fiancé, Paige Butcher.

Ryan Gosling’s Name

Ryan Gosling is among the pretty faces in Hollywood. The Canadian actor has been in the industry since he was a child and his fans keep growing and growing. Since many hope to get to know him better, the meaning of his name was searched. The name Ryan in Irish means young royalty while his last name Gosling is a term for a baby goose. Now that makes him a young royal goose.