Celebrities Who Reacted Smartly Towards Paparazzi

Being famous has a lot of benefits, including being sponsored extensively and receiving investments from rich patrons. However, it has one of the many downsides — getting hounded by photographers. Known as paparazzi, they take candid shots to be sold to tabloid newspapers for sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the photos are a sure investment for the photographers, it is often a nuisance to the celeb in question. Thus, the celebs have formed new ways to avoid the paparazzi, with varying levels of success. Sometimes, they make an investment in a routine to repel the ever-pesky photographers.

Here are some celebs who’ve reacted to paparazzi brilliantly:

Daniel Radcliffe


Since his Harry Potter days, actor Daniel Radcliffe has been extensively followed by the paparazzi. While it has certainly gained him publicity, he eventually became annoyed by it, especially during his post-Harry Potter career. In one instance, he showed his tongue to express disdain towards a paparazzo. Another method Radcliffe employed to ward off paparazzi is to wear the same style of shirts. This is to ensure that the value of the photographs they take will be lower. Sometimes, he tags along a pack of dogs to further deter the ever-pesky photographers. It is certainly a surefire investment routine on Radcliffe’s part.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

The celebs are together on this list because of the very ingenious way they’ve reacted to paparazzi. Unlike most celebs who cover their faces or lash out at photographers, these two used the occasion for a good cause. They put up posts in front of their faces, telling people to donate to such and such charitable organizations. The organizations listed include Autism Speaks, Worldwide Orphans, and Gilda’s Club NYC. Inadvertently, the photographers were given credit for spreading the cause to millions who’ve viewed their photos. Their method is quite good at compelling people to make an investment for the greater good. Nice!

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman is Among the actors who had the most creative response to paparazzi. He often finds creative ways to avoid being photographed. This includes hiding behind signposts, ominously looking while peering at a wall, and even photographing the photographer. While the purpose is certainly to avoid being photographed, many people wonder if Hoffman’s methods are too tongue-in-cheek to be effective.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is extensively followed wherever he goes. After all, he is one of the biggest names in football. While he tends to love the spotlight, it sometimes gets on his nerves. This is evident when paparazzi lurk nearby to take the perfect shot. To counter this, his solution was to use a laser pointer. Via his bodyguards, the laser pointer is pointed in the direction of the paparazzi. This is to ensure that the photo taken will be ruined. It is such an ingenious low-cost investment for Ronaldo to deter photographers.

Mark Wahlberg

In a good case of playing by the rules to one’s advantage, Mark Wahlberg countered the paparazzi by being the paparazzi himself. Wahlberg is an A-list star known for starring in Ted and its sequel, the Transformers franchise, and Deepwater Horizon. Whenever a paparazzo takes a chance at photographing Wahlberg, he pulls out his cellphone to take a photo towards the paparazzo. In some instances, his friends join him in being the paparazzi themselves. It is not only an ingenious investment for Wahlberg but also quite fun, especially with friends.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have formulated a way to deter paparazzi. The husband and wife become motionless at the sight of the paparazzi. This, in their view, is to deter paparazzi, since they can only take one instance of the couple. Sure enough, they manage to deter many photographers using this trick.