Even Stars Experienced Moments When They Wanted to Crawl Under a Hole – Just Take a Look at These Celebrity Embarassing Moments

Jennifer Lawrence Took a Tumble and Fall

There’s a reason why we all love celebrities during their “human” moments – it’s a reminder that they are just like us. We can’t imagine how dull our screens must be if everything we see during movie premiers, red carpet events, and awards shows are perfect. It could be a wardrobe malfunction, an unexpected turn of events, or just a plain technical error. In terms of celebrities keeping it real, nobody does it better than Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, she deserves all the credits for the most laughable Hollywood moments caught on live TV. She took a tumble while going up the stairs on stage receiving her very first Oscar win for best actress for Silver Linings Playbook. She did it again the following year at the same awards show and this time, she didn’t even make it on stage yet and she already tripped while getting out of the car.

Fergie – Mrs. Wet Pants

This might be a funny name for someone as iconic and respective as Fergie but she really did pee herself in front of thousands of people during one of her most memorable concerts. Yes, the concert became unforgettable credits to this incident. The diva was singing her heart out when fans noticed something wet in the middle of her light gray colored pedal pants. We guess it’s safe to say that even celebrities must learn when to take a break if they badly needed to go to the ladies.

Demi Lovato – Her Warm Love for Mugs

This has nothing to do with physicality but pop superstar and one of today’s most sought after musicians Demi Lovato had her fair share of humiliating moments. She was once asked in an interview what her favorite meal was. Either she entered a state of boredom since people have been asking her about her diet ever since the start of her career or she just didn’t hear the question correctly when she answered mugs. That wasn’t all; she added how much she loves to have investments on mugs since they keep the food warm. The conversation was very awkward.

Taylor Swift Got a Little Too Windy

When it comes to Tay-Tay, nothing is ever too daring. Her evolution is epic. In this case, however, Taylor Swift was just starting her career and she was young. Her skirt flew up showing her entire lower undergarment because of the artificial air. She was in the middle of a song. After the incident, Swift paused and posed with confidence, with the crowd making noise as a sign of support.

Ashlee Simpson – Lip Sync Battle Gone Wrong

It is always better to sing live no matter how you sound they say, but Ashlee Simpson didn’t listen to this when she decided that she needed to make new investments in the music industry right after she took a hiatus from her career. She was a guest at SNL when there was technical glitches making her music stop. As it started again, her lips were no longer in synchronization with the background which makes it incredibly sad and hard to watch.

Rosie O’Donnell Caught Picking

While Whoopi Goldberg decided to release air in public, Rosie O’ Donell decided to pick her nose in front of the camera for the whole world to see. It was during one of her shows and she must have figured that people would switch all cameras to whoever is talking. She decided to clean up her nose using her finger and went all the way.

Christina Aguilera – Sometimes Tanning Just Isn’t Enough

During an Etta James tribute, multi talented artist Christina Aguilera was belting yet again one of her magical performances but her legs became the crème of the crop, the belle of the ball, and the receiver of credits for the performance which will forever be a part of history. While she was singing, some of her liquid tan ran through her legs probably mixed with a bit of sweat.

Madonna’s Anti Capes Campaign


The queen of pop, Madonna, almost literally fell down the stage when her cape wasn’t fully taken off by her back up dancer on time during one of her concerts. The crowd would’ve been happy to catch her though if she ever did fall.

Sofia Vergara Ripped It All Out

When someone as perfect and as funny as Sofia Vergara would show her private skin, it’s not a humiliation, it is a gift to everyone. Wearing a beautiful blue dress, the actress ripped the entire lower back portion of the gown showing off all of her bottom, credits to Sofia for wearing the proper undergarments.

Zac Efron Is One Responsible Guy

Troy Bolton is now all grown up – and a healthy, responsible man at that. Out of the blue, being his natural charming self, Zac Efron deiced to attend a red carpet event prepared. A stack of condoms fell down from his pocket and with a blush he decided to shake it off, put it back to his pocket and posed for the camera.