Find Out How These Stars Managed to Pull Off their Roles in Such Iconic Films

Emma Stone on Easy A

To land a role in a Hollywood film is not easy, but having that movie turn into something iconic is way harder for an actor. It takes a lot of effort, determination, investment, hard work and sometimes it’s just plain luck. People decide which character is most relatable and which character they idolize since they are the viewers. All of the fate relies on them. Emma Stone is easily one of the brightest stars of today. She can do musical, drama, romance, suspense, and more serious roles. She also has the beauty, body, and the natural charm to go along with her complete package. She has a great sense of humor too and she is not afraid to speak her mind. We think we know the reason for this. Stone admitted that she began acting shamelessly since she landed the iconic lead role on the hit film Easy A. She even revealed that her face thickened and she became more talkative. She suggests things on set that nobody ever really agrees on, even after her role in the iconic movie. Credits to Stone’s continuous persistence in acting, she got her first Academy award in the musical Lala Land.

Tom Cruise on Top Gun

The secret to Tom Cruise’s iconic role in one of the best movies of all time, Top Gun, is easy. He actually dreamed of aviation long before he became an actor. He heard of the film and there was casting procedures. There were his managers, the film producers, and he was already very confident that he will definitely play the part, and he will definitely fly a plane, if not in the movie then at rehearsals. He embodied the character so well since according to Cruise, he felt like he was not acting at all. He felt like he was really the character he portrayed the entire time. This is without a doubt the reason why his personality in the film has so much chemistry with his personality in real life.

Charlize Theron on Mad Max: Fury Road

Charlize Theron receives all of the biggest credits on the iconic film Mad Max: Fury Road even though she want the lead on this one. Theron is one of the best actresses of all time. Theron said that shooting MMFR was one of the most exhausting things she’s ever done in her life. She said there was nothing but exhaustion and exertion of energy at every scene and in every place they had to set up for a scene. From the looks of it, all of her hard work and investments to her role were worth it since she delivered the character so perfectly well.

Emily Blunt on The Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt stole our hearts when she played the role of Emily in the classic film The Devil Wears Prada. Acting side by side with the biggest actress of all time Meryl Streep is never easy, Blunt was anxious and conscious the entire few months of filming. She said it was one of her earlier roles and she wasn’t even familiar with waking in heels yet. Heels were what she had to wear all of the time in the film, unfortunately. Blunt’s road to landing an iconic character wasn’t easy since she had to go through some very embarrassing moments and in front of Meryl too. She tripped on her shoes, she struggled, and so much more. After the movie, Blunt gushed over how Meryl was the nicest person to work with. Blunt became an icon after that and to be honest, she was the heart of that film.

Rachel McAdams on Mean Girls

Just like Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel McAdams definitely stole the entire Mean Girls movie. All credits to her role and her perfect fit physical aspects for the character, Regina George became widely beloved by the world. Rachel admitted that she never expected anything after the movie, she never even though that it would turn out to be so iconic and she really didn’t have any preparations. The actress confessed that the script of the film was one of the best things she has ever laid eyes on.

Orlando Bloom on Lord Of The Rings

We can’t imagine Orlando Bloom not playing the role of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The actor was the perfect choice, even though he auditioned for another role. Orly confessed that he would’ve played any role in the film he’d be given but most of the casting directors already saw him as Legolas – perhaps one of the most iconic characters in world history. They were never wrong.