Places Where You Can Spot Your Favorite Celebrities

Your friends or family might visit Los Angeles to just enjoy some of the city’s landmarks. Maybe they’ll go to a renowned taco truck or eatery. However, you know what they’re here for. They want to see a celebrity who lives in the city. After all, LA has Hollywood. So, it’s not far-fetched that one will appear out of the blue. To not meet one is to lose a big opportunity while visiting the city. Whenever they see one, they may step on the gas to meet and greet them.

Despite what many travel brochures and pamphlets say, you will rarely see a famous person around Hollywood Blvd. After all, they are still people at the end of the day. Many of them go out to eat. So, there is a chance that you might bump into them.

Here are some of the restaurants that celebrities flock to. Remember, some of them may be a tad bit expensive. So, prepare your credit cardsto just enjoy the experience.



It has been an icon and an institution of Los Angeles for decades. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s Puck has been this flagship restaurant since it opened its doors in 1982 in Beverly Hills. While many might not be willing to swing hundreds of dollars for a meal, it’s worth a try, even just once in your life. Not to mention, famous people have dined on its tables. Among the restaurant’s menu items include smoked-fish pizza, salmon pizza, and spicy tuna cones. While such items might sound absurd to some, they are surprisingly delicious. It’s no surprise that so many celebrities go to Spago, from Tom Hanks to Bill Clinton. If you like to try the food in Spago, be sure to get the Michelin-starred restaurant CUT. While Spago does have two Michelin stars, it no longer has them today. However, this does not undermine the restaurant’s delicious dishes and great ambiance.

Dan Tana’s


A favorite spot for Hollywood celebs, Dan Tana’s has remained resolutely untrendy yet undeniably delicious. As they say, the only rule for this West Hollywood restaurant is that there are no rules. It was founded by Dan Tana in 1964 — it was a huge investment that he made after working as a maître d’. It is known for serving Italian-American dishes and for opening quite late. Among its popular items include chicken parm, fried ravioli, linguine and clam, and penne arrabbiata. The restaurant also serves cocktails. What makes this restaurant so special is that you can mingle with celebrities quite casually.

Tower Bar


Located within the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, the Tower Bar remains a trendy and popular place to enjoy meals and drinks, as well as relax in its terrace and poolside patio. Since it was refurbished in 2018, it has welcomed new guests while retaining many long-time patrons. Many celebrities have visited the restaurant many times, and some are now regular customers. Among them are Jennifer Anniston, Katy Perry, George Clooney, John Wayne, and Frank Sinatra. Many celeb couples credit the restaurant for holding their parties. Among its menu items include tuna tartar, sliders, burgers, and shrimp cocktails. It is said that phones tend to fly across the tables at the restaurant. So, be on the lookout for those. Also, you don’t need your credit card to dine here, as prices can be reasonable.

Sushi Park


While there are many sushi bars throughout LA, Sushi Park is often regarded as one of the best. This unassuming spot located at the strip mall in West Hollywood has served Oscar-winning actors who’ve come in to dine. The restaurant is known for its excellent hospitality and omakase menu. The chef will cook dishes based on his preference and the seasonality of the ingredients. The experience may tear a hole through your credit cards, as it can cost $200 per person. However, it includes 17 courses and some of the finest quality of fish out there.