Pop Divas and Their Infamous Lip Sync Live Fails

There is no doubt that famous singers we know now have such amazing voices. But sometimes over the top productions and choreography can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to catch your breath. These are some celebrities that resorted to lip syncing and unfortunately got caught while the cameras were recording.

Britney Spears

At this point, who cares? It’s Britney B*! The iconic princess of pop takes credit for always serving us with killer dance moves, so it’s not a shock that she lip syncs here and there. She sings along whenever possible, but during her residency at Planet Hollywood, she had a small mishap while doing a live performance of Perfume. The song was co-written by singer-songwriter Sia, who sang some parts of the track, and Britney apparently belted much of those parts live. Oops, she did it again, but this time it took people a bit by surprise. No worries though, we still love us some Britney!

Mariah Carey

The “Songbird Supreme,” lip syncing? We’re talking about the Queen of whistle notes who can be heard across the world! Well, it’s apparently true. The pop diva has always shared that her voice is no longer like it was before but she sounds terrific regardless. She made headlines after her performance in Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve where she sang her high-registered song Emotions and We Belong Together. Like most live performances, there will always be some degree of technical difficulties, and sadly her in-ear monitor malfunctioned, which turned into an epic fail when the legend was caught lip syncing. The singer poked fun at the situation. In any case, she is still one of the greats!

Ashlee Simpson

It’s called Saturday Night Live and not Saturday Night Lipsync. Apparently the pop star did not get the memo because she performed  Autobiography onstage and crumbled into pieces after she was caught lip syncing. When she started singing, some of the vocals from her first song, Pieces of Me, could be heard to a certain degree in the background. Today, the star still sings, proving she is more than that incident, and she honestly sounds amazing!

Selena Gomez

The pop icon who is avidly loved by so many fans sometimes gets the jitters before performing on stage, and she deserves more credit than she gets when it comes to battling anxiety. This star has a history of lip syncing but her fans don’t really have a problem with it since her performances are so fun and colorful to watch. One incident, however, during the American Music Awards in 2017, made her lip syncing extra obvious. She even bowed her head down and tried to hide the incident. Well Look At Her Now, she still serves us with great singles and is loved by many.


Queen Bee? The woman who sang live for more than 30 minutes straight at Coachella? That Beyonce? The diva has always received credit for serving the best live performances, from the Super Bowl to the Grammys, so it’s hard to believe that she lip syncs. The singer was caught lip syncing to Etta James’ At Last at the Inaugural ball for President Obama and Michelle Obama’s first dance. In her defense, the orchestra was literally a few meters away from her, and can hardly hear a thing in her shoes. She handled the situation in such a classy way. She ended the performance in typical “Beyonce” Fashion — Flawless!

All of these divas deserve credit for their time in the industry and for paving the way for other aspiring pop divas. Regardless of their minor mishaps, these queens will continue to be iconic!