The 15 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities should always be presentable no matter what. They need to because they are public figures who earn their living by their appearance. While we gush about their flawless skin, they try hard to maintain their glorious looks no matter what. And for that, they can go to the extreme – from DIY to expensive treatments that they can afford due to their high credit score. So if you want to know their secrets, read on and find out the 15 weirdest celebrity beauty secrets.

Vampire Facial – Kim Kardashian

A vampire facial might sound odd to most, but it is actually a clinic-based treatment used by several dermatologists. The process includes using your blood to revive your skin cells and produce beautiful smooth skin. It might sound gruesome, and the thought of having your blood all over your face might not be appealing, but take a look at Kim Kardashian’s skin – it seems to work for her

Blood-Infused Moisturizer – Hailey Baldwin

Talking about the extreme lengths some would go through just to keep their skin youthful, Hailey Baldwin is also a fan of a blood-based skin regimen. Hailey swears that her derma prescribed a unique moisturizer that’s been specially made for her. How special? It has the proteins of her blood. This cream is only available at Dr. Barbara Sturm’s clinic in Germany, so if you wish to have the skin of Mrs. Bieber, you may need a personal loan for it.

Japanese Potato Diet – Olivia Munn

If you need an excuse to snack on fries, then here it is. Olivia Munn’s best-kept beauty secret is eating potatoes. Not just any potatoes, though — it should be Japanese potatoes. Yup, that is the weird part. These special potatoes are rich in hyaluronic acid that can keep the skin looking young.

Leech Therapy – Demi Moore

Leech therapy is as crazy as it sounds, but it tells you how far some celebs will go to achieve youthful skin. The process involves having leeches crawl on your face to suck toxins from your blood and promote blood circulation. If Demi is down for it, what about you?

Preparation H – Sandra Bullock

We have to clap for Sandra Bullock for her resourcefulness here. Who knew it’s possible to use hemorrhoid cream to treat eye puffiness? Thanks for the idea, Sandra!

Beer Conditioner – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Mrs. Douglas keeps her mane silky smooth by using kitchen-reach ingredients. Just a mixture of honey and beer revives her hair locks. Though it may not smell nice after, it is a thrifty tip if you are running out of credits.

Ice Bath Facial – Kate Hudson

Okay, this may not be weird at all since everyone is into ice rollers nowadays, but Kate Hudson takes it up a notch by regularly dunking her face in a bowl of ice and water. Aside from reviving dull skin, ice therapy also closes pores and can give one an instant lift.

Bee Sting Facial – Gwyneth Paltrow

To be sure, this does not involve actual stinging from a bee. Actually, this kind of facial just uses the venom from bee stings that can be found in their beehives. It involves the usual facial method – cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, and moisturize. Apparently, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham are fans of this treatment. The result promises a more youthful and slimmer face.

Cranberry Juice Wash – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a natural red hair and it is her signature look. To maintain her hair’s vibrant color, she uses cranberry juice as a hair treatment for its natural tinting effect. Talk about resourcefulness — though she doesn’t need to, given her high credit score.

Red Wine Bath – Teri Hatcher

Now this one may be the oddest one on the list! Teri Hatcher’s luxurious red wine bath may be over the top for most of us since as we know wines don’t come cheap. But for Teri, the cost of her wine bath indulgence is nothing compared to the health and beauty benefits she reaps from it.

Fish Pedicure – Jessica Simpson

Talk about extremes. How would you go to care for your feet? Will you have them nibbled on by fish in a foot spa? Jessica tried it, and perhaps she likes it. Aside from it being tickly, it feels and looks odd. Good thing those kinds of fish are not for eating.

DIY milk Spray – Cindy Crawford

Long before the rosewater spray became a must-have in every beauty bag, Cindy Crawford has already been using the technique for years, except she uses milk instead of rose. Understandably, milk can moisturize and helps the skin look young, but to spray on your face and leave it there the whole day seems weird. Anyway, Cindy earned a high credit score from her famous “got milk” advertisement, so why not go for it.

Ingesting clay – Shailene Woodley

Don’t get us wrong here, Shailene does not eat clay, like clay pots. We are referring to food-grade clay that is used for face masks, like bentonite clay. Well, Shailene takes it up a notch and mixes a teaspoon of it into her drink to help detoxify her system.

Cupping Therapy – Madonna

Cupping is suctioning a part of a body to stimulate blood flow for a rejuvenated look. Now this one is not odd anymore, maybe it was years ago. Whatever the case may be, Madonna was certainly ahead of her time since she’s reportedly been doing this before it became a thing.

Geisha Facial – Victoria Beckham

A geisha facial is a traditional Japanese beauty technique that involves using bird feces as a face mask. Though it may be effective to a degree, just thinking about it is cringe-worthy already. For Victoria Beckham, however, it is worth the sacrifice as she is able to achieve a grand by doing it.

Human Placenta Jennifer Lopez

The thought of having someone’s placenta in your face must seem like a horrible idea. By judging how effective the practice has been for Jennifer Lopez, maybe it is worth the try. Anyway, freezing a placenta is already a medical thing now that can save lives in the future.