These 8 Iconic Caught-On-Camera Celebrity Moments Will Make You Hate and Love The Paparazzi

If there’s one thing that a celebrity is dying to have, it’s privacy. Why? Their incredible degree of fame attracts attention not just from fans but from the paparazzi as well.

Wherever there is a celebrity, there are paparazzi around, waiting for the perfect moment to snap photos. They’re watching every famous artist’s move, from where they go to what they do.

Sure, as a celebrity, one should always be camera-ready, but there’re also times when paparazzi might catch you off guard.

In the worst-case scenario for a celebrity, a paparazzo might snap a photo of an embarrassing moment, or a forbidden event, either of which can be career-destroying.

Want to know what these scenes are? Check out these eight iconic celebrity moments caught on camera that will make you hate and love the paparazzi.

Chrissy Teigen Shows Shes a Normal Person

Let’s start with a feel-good one. Chrissy Teigen shared a snap on Instagram,  taken by the paparazzi while she goes grocery shopping.

There’s nothing wrong or controversial with the photo, it was just Chrissy being Chrissy, proving she’s just like everyone when it comes to buying food. See that amount of junk foods in her cart with a kid in tow? She’s a natural.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Walking Hand-in-Hand

This photo is harmless, sure, but if you’re trying to hide your romance, it can be an issue. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had been mum about their relationship back then, so this snap proved their actual status.

Credits to the photographer, he/she perfectly caught the love between the two. Though the now-ex-couple neither denied nor admitted they were a thing, their actions spoke louder than words.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anistons Last Trip as a Couple

This picture has a lot of feels in it, especially if you’re a Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston fan. Taken on New Year’s Day in 2005, what could have been a sweet vacation turned out to be the ex-couple’s last.

According to reports, it was the time when Brad confessed to his then-wife that he was already in love with his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. The revelation made Jennifer furious that she threw him out, per Aaron Milchan’s Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Icon book.

Jessica Simpson and John Mayers Breakup

The paparazzi got a big scoop to a full degree when they caught Jessica Simpson and John Mayer’s lovers’ quarrel on a balcony while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The actress looked every inch upset with her expression, while her then-boyfriend looked sorry.

An insider revealed they broke up at the time, though they might rekindle their romance later, knowing how volatile their relationship was. Fourteen years later, they now have their own lives. Jessica is now married to Eric Johnson, while John remains single.

Courteney Cox Fighting with Johnny McDaid

It looks like the paparazzi are fond of taking pictures of celebrities fighting with their partners. The next victim was Courteney Cox, who was caught having a spat with her fiancé, Johnny McDaid, in public.

The heated scene happened at a table on the sidewalk of the West London restaurant Granger and Co. The Friends star looked extremely angry, while Johnny seemed to be unapologetic. Did they manage their issue back then?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Argue in Public

Another celebrity couple caught arguing in public was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The two were at Legoland in Windsor when the heated situation happened while being surrounded by many people.

Knowing the degree of their fame, people started taking pictures of them, including this snap. Though onlookers didn’t hear what they were arguing about, they both looked agitated.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swifts Surprising Romance

A lot were surprised when photos of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift cozying with each other emerged in 2016. The two were even caught sharing a kiss while sitting on the rocks along the shoreline in Rhode Island.

Though their romance was only short-lived, they seemed to be so smitten with each other. Some said Taylor and Tom looked like a young couple who was madly in love; they never minded their fame.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert SandersControversy

To top the list is Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders’ photo that caused a huge controversy in 2012. The two were getting intimate with each other despite being in their respective relationships.

At the time, Kristen had a romance with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, while Rupert was married. Sadly, the director’s marriage with his then-wife, Liberty Ross, ended up in the hands of their lawyers, while Kristen and Robert broke up.