Celebrities Who Did Not Get So Lucky When Investing

Michael Vick

Playing as a quarterback in 13 seasons of the National Football League, primarily with the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, certainly made Michael Vick a veteran in the world of football. He started his career while he was in college at Virginia Tech. The Falcons selected him during the 2001 NFL Draft as their first choice, and it seems that the team made the right decision because Vick was able to transform the quarterback position with his superb rushing abilities.

While considered an expert in sports, Vick appeared to be a newbie in the world of investments. Reports showed that he had made a series of financial errors, including being involved in dogfighting. He also made a questionable purchase of an $85,000 worth of custom fish pond—the purpose of which was unclear. Was he going to sell the fish or consume them by himself?