Celebrities With College Degrees That Might Surprise You

Emma Watson | English Literature


The entertainment industry never shies away from spending some investment money on adapting a novel into a film. One such adaptation that continues to garner widespread recognition would be the Harry Potter films starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and of course, Emma Watson.

With her passion for acting realized when she was just six years old, Emma’s first gigs were for stage plays such as The Happy Prince and Arthur: The Young Years. Not long after, she got the attention of producers, who eventually gave Emma one of her most iconic roles today: Hermione Granger. Despite her busy acting schedule, the actress and her co-stars were still given time to study in between filming scenes. Her educational journey doesn’t end there, though. A few years later, Emma made her way to Brown University, where she eventually graduated with a major in English literature.