Celebrities Who Are Not as Rich as You Think

Sylvester Stallone

Of course, whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved, rest assured that Sylvester Stallone won’t be too far behind. After all, they are both well-known for being two of Hollywood’s iconic action stars. Like many of his peers, however, Stallone’s start in the industry was far from easy. After some time landing only minor roles, the then-aspiring actor finally found his big break as the titular boxer in the Rocky films.

Since then, Stallone has landed an acting credit in other notable projects such as the Rambo movies, Demolition Man, and The Expendables films— the latter letting him star alongside long-time colleague and good friend, Schwarzenegger. Besides The Expendables, the two also worked together on the previously-mentioned restaurant chain, Planet Hollywood. Throughout their time backing the establishment, over 100 locations were made. Although they have since parted ways with it, Planet Hollywood is still in business under a different owner, with branches around New York City, London, Las Vegas, and Paris.