Still Kicking: Celebrities Now Living In Their Golden Years

Performing is an art that people have mastered for years now. Way before the first investments in TVs and cinema were even made, many of us already had a knack for telling stories. Not just with words, though, but also with actions. Since then, it has found its way to various mediums, notably the stage, cinema, and TV.

Now the interesting thing about having a career as a performer is that there is no designated retirement date. Actors can start as a child and keep on working even until they’re already well into their 90s. After all, there is always time to be a performer, no matter what one’s age. Well, for today’s article, we will be talking about many of the entertainment industry’s celebrities who are still alive and well, living through their golden years. While some have already traded the spotlight for a more low-key lifestyle, many are still quite active in the entertainment industry. Now then, without further ado, let’s get on with the article, shall we?

Alan Alda | Born: 1936

For his introduction to acting, Alan Alda undoubtedly has his father to thank. Throughout childhood, he and his mother would often attend and support his father’s work performing in theaters. By the time he was studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree, the actor had dabbled in a couple of extracurricular activities, notably performing in a play and appearing on TV.

Like many of his colleagues, Alda started his professional career as a stage actor. Performing with the improvisational comedy group the Compass Players, he acted on productions such as Heaven Come Wednesday, Job, and To Dorothy a Son. In retrospect, though, it’s safe to say he is most known for his performance as Hawkeye Pierce on the TV series MASH. With that said, he has also worked on other projects, including 30 Rock, The West Wing, and Marriage Story, with his most recent outing being on the show Ray Donovan.

Alan Arkin | Born: 1934

At just 10 years old, Alan Arkin already started taking acting classes. A few years later, after some time in college, he had the chance to become one of the early members of the famous comedy troupe, Second City. Suffice to say, his stint with the group undoubtedly helped him polish and improve his acting chops.

Arkin is quite a successful actor, no doubt. For one, he takes credit for being one of only six stars to receive an Oscar nomination for his first on-screen performance. With that said, this debut film in question was 1966’s The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming. Since then, he has also garnered widespread recognition for starring in Grosse Point Blank, Popi, Sunshine Cleaning, and Argo. Along the way, Arkin has also given voice acting a shot, with his most recent work in the field being the upcoming kid’s movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Angela Lansbury | Born: 1925

At a young age, Angela Lansbury already had quite a fascination for the arts, notably acting and music. For most of her childhood, she frequented the cinema and often impersonated her favorite characters. She also had an interest in the piano, leading her to take music classes.

With these earlier experiences ultimately becoming her first few investments for her eventual career, Lansbury then had the chance to take acting classes. There, she landed her first acting gigs, performing on stage plays such as Windermere’s Fan and The Way of the World. After some time, she finally made her way to on-screen projects, with her first roles being in 1944’s Gaslight and 1945’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Since then, the actress has made quite a name for herself under the spotlight. With her most recent gig being in a 2019 stage production, a couple of notable projects Lansbury has worked on through the years include The Manchurian Candidate, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and The King and I.

Ann-Margret | Born: 1941

Ann-Margret’s first passion was for dancing. Being quite a natural and a fast learner, she eventually had the chance to appear in shows such as Breakfast Club and Amateur Hour. A few years later, she added two other talents to her skill set: acting and singing.

Her professional career started around the 1960s. Along with landing her debut acting credit in Pocketful of Miracles, Ann-Margret also released her first album titled And Here She Is: Ann-Margret. Suffice to say, these were just the first steps she took for her rise to stardom. Through the years, the actress has made quite a name for herself under the spotlight. Along with garnering widespread praise for her songs, Ann-Margret is also regarded for her performance in projects such as Tommy, Grumpier Old Men, Bye Bye Birdie, and a more recent film, 2017’s Going in Style. With a career spanning around six decades at this point, she has also received plenty of awards, including six Emmys and two Oscars.

Barbara Eden | Born: 1931

A journey has to start somewhere. For Barbara Eden, her career as a performer began when she sang the solo sections of a local choir. To help with whatever personal loans her family had, she sang for bands as a teenager. While she may be talented in music, she also found a fascination for acting.

Starting her career around the 1950s, Eden’s earliest stint was as a semiregular cast member of the Johnny Carson Show. Not long after, she also had the chance to appear on projects such as Gunsmoke, The West Point Story, Crossroads, and December Bridge. Among all of her acting gigs, though, fans would undoubtedly know her best for her performance as the titular lead in I Dream of Jeanie. Since then, with her career still far from over, the actress’s most recent works are My Adventures with Santa and Love Letters, both in 2019.

Barbara Walters | Born: 1929

Retired American broadcaster Barbara Walters reigned over American journalism for 64 years, starting in 1951. Throughout those years, she explored several topics and rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s most influential and enigmatic personalities.

Walters was born on September 25, 1920, in Boston, Massachusetts, to Jewish parents. Growing up, her father made a living by being a booking agent. This, in return, exposed Walters to the world of entertainment and introduced her to several known figures of that time. Perhaps it was through this constant exposure that the journalist developed her knack for communicating with prominent personalities. However, her father’s connection with celebrities did not guarantee her and her family a good life. Walters recalled that her father lost several possessions throughout his life, forcing them to move from one place to another. When she finished her degree in 1951, the journalist did not waste any time and immediately started her career. From 1961 to 2015, Walters became a part of several known shows, including The Today Show and The View.

Barbi Benton | Born: 1950

Barbi Benton is surely one of those personalities that are hard to forget. The former model only spent 18 years under the spotlight, but her resume encompassed several areas that her name is basically embedded in pop culture.

Benton did not initially plan on going into show business. In fact, she pursued a degree in veterinary medicine at UCLA but left after realizing that working with blood was not for her. She did, however, begin modeling when she was only 16 years old. This ultimately led her to pursue the career full-time after leaving college. At 18 years old, Benton was given a chance to model and appear on one of the shows produced by one of the United States’ most prestigious magazines. Along with her newfound fame, she also gained a highly publicized relationship with Hugh Hefner. According to sources, Benton is responsible for convincing Hefner to purchase his iconic mansion in California. The model retired from the spotlight in 1986 and is now 71 years old.

Ben Kingsley | Born: 1943

English-Indian actor Ben Kingsley has been in countless Hollywood films and series that it’s so hard to pick a single project that he’s known for. If you’ve been in the industry since 1961, it’s understandable if fans couldn’t choose a single favorite.

Kingsley was born on December 31, 1943, in North Riding of Yorkshire. He is of English descent on his mother’s side, while he is Indian on his paternal side. Later on, in his young life, Kingsley enrolled at De La Salle College in Salford. While pursuing his degree there, the actor involved himself in several stage activities. After completing his education, he began working on London’s West End, where he enjoyed a 15-year career. In 1972, he decided to transition into film and debuted in Fear Is The Key. From that point on, Kingsley’s career has grown at a remarkable pace. The two-time Golden Globe recipient is now 77 years old.

Berry Gordy | Born: 1929

Motown music is an incredibly large part of Hollywood’s music industry, and Berry Gordy deserves all the credit.

The 91-year-old musical composer turned record executive was born in Detroit on November 18, 1929. In his teenage years, Gordy decided to drop out of high school and pursue a career in boxing instead. However, he was later drafted into the military and served during the Korean War. Upon his return to the United States in 1953, Gordy began developing a passion for music. Four years later, he achieved moderate success when a song he co-wrote was charted in the United Kingdom. After earning enough money from his songwriting projects, Gordy decided to take his music career a step further and start his own label. It eventually evolved into Motown Records, which gave us some of music’s most prominent figures, including Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. Gordy is now in his 90s and has decided to live a more peaceful life with his family.

Betty White | Born: 1922

Out of all the veteran actresses in Hollywood today, it’s safe to say that Betty White is among, if not the most well-loved. Believe it or not, but the actress has been working in the industry for a remarkable 91 years, trailblazing her way into the industry as she goes.

White started earning acting credits when she was only 8 years old. Her first project was on the radio show Empire Builders, broadcasted on December 22, 1930. However, just like the many celebrities of her time, White had to put a pause on her career to serve in the military. When the second world war ended, White went back to work building her acting portfolio. She began hosting in 1950 and later established her own production company called Bandy Productions. A slew of acting and hosting works soon followed. The actress is now nearing her 100th birthday. However, she continues to work in the industry just like she did 91 years ago.

Bill Murray | 1950

American actor Bill Murray has been in the industry for 48 years now, and throughout those years, he has starred in some of the most beloved Hollywood titles. Some of you may know him from the cult favorite Ghost Busters, while some of you may know him from the Sofia Coppola film Lost In Translation. Either way, he’s an icon through and through.

Murray was born in Illinois on September 21, 1950. Growing up, he enjoyed a relatively normal childhood and upbringing. He even tried to take up a degree in medicine but dropped out. His foray into acting started in the 1970s when he became a part of a comedy troupe. From 1977 to 1980, Murray became involved with the comedy variety show Saturday Night Live. Although he only spent three years on the show, it was enough to break him into the Hollywood industry. From there, he began earning more and more roles until he became an Emmy awardee. The actor is still very much active today. However, he does tend to keep a lower profile.

Bob Barker | Born: 1923

Bob Barker is now 97 years old, but the long-time of The Price Is Right is still well and kicking. After enjoying a long and fruitful career in the game show industry, he finally decided to bid the field goodbye in 2007.

Barker was born in Darrington, Washington, on December 12, 1923. As a descendant of the Sioux tribe, he spent the majority of his youth inside the Rosebud Indian Reservation. In college, Barker pursued economics and graduated summa cum laude. Although it’s unclear whether he had to pay off some student loans after graduating, he did become moderately successful immediately. He started his game show career in 1956, hosting Truth or Consequences. He wrapped up his time on the show in 1975 and focused solely on The Price Is Right. Barker would go on to host the show for 35 years before leaving it in 2007. Nowadays, he likes to maintain a more private life away from the prying eyes of the media.

Bob Newhart | Born: 1929

If you’re not sure who Bob Newhart is, he is an American comedian and actor best known for his deadpan style of comedy. In recent years, he became more known for his portrayal of Professor Proton in the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Interestingly, the role also earned him his very first Emmy.

Like many of the men from his generation, Newhart also spent a significant amount of time serving in the military. He was also sent to serve during the Korean war and returned in 1954. In 1958, he began experimenting with comedy records, which he would often make with his co-worker. The two men recorded their conversations and sent them as audition tapes to some radio stations. It was eventually picked up by Dan Sorkin, who introduced the men to Warner Bros Records. This started Newhart’s long and prosperous career. Although he prefers to enjoy his investments in private nowadays, the comedian still appears on-screen every now and then.

Bonnie Bartlett | Born: 1929

Bonnie Bartlett is a famous American actress who was born on June 20, 1929. She has been able to enjoy a stellar acting career that has now spanned over six decades, with her first acting credit coming on the hit 1950s daytime drama, Love of Life. Besides Love of Life, Bartlett is also known for portraying Ellen Craig on the memorable medical drama series St. Elsewhere. 

There’s certainly no question that she has been able to put together a remarkable career as an actress. Besides appearing on numerous films and television shows, Bartlett also managed to win several awards, including an Emmy Award in which she won back in 1986, together with her husband, William Daniels. Today, the actress is already 92 years old and continues to appear in various films and television shows on occasion. You could say that even at her advanced age, Bartlett still has a burning passion for acting.

Brigitte Bardot | Born: 1934


Born in 1934, Brigitte Bardot is unquestionably one of the most iconic female figures of all time. She’s also referred to by her initials B.B., and she was able to appear in several films throughout her career. Bardot’s most memorable acting credits came in films like And God Created Woman, Viva Maria!, and many more. Bardot also won several awards as an actress, including a BAFTA Award.

Bardot was certainly more than just an actress. She was an established model and also a successful singer. As a singer, Bardot was able to perform in several musicals, and she recorded over 60 songs. Though she retired from the entertainment industry back in 1973, she continued her influence on popular culture in the succeeding decades. Today, she’s already 87 years of age, and she continues to be famous due to her legacy as an entertainer, model, and activist.

Buzz Aldrin | Born: 1930

Buzz Aldrin is unquestionably one of the most recognizable astronauts of all time. Besides his work as a NASA astronaut, Aldrin is also an engineer and a fighter pilot. He’s best known for making three spacewalks, one of which was in the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. During that mission, Aldrin, along with fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first two humans to land on the Moon.

Aldrin was born on January 20, 1930, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Aldrin already showed signs of brilliance in his younger years as he graduated third in the class of 1951 from the US Military Academy at West Point with a degree in mechanical engineering. Today, Aldrin is already 91 years of age, and he’s the last surviving crew member of the Apollo 11 mission that brought our species to the Moon.

Carmen de Lavallade | Born: 1931


Born in 1931, Carmen de Lavallade is an actress whose career has now spanned for several decades. Carmen is best known for her role in the 1957 television show Flight. She also appeared in the TV production of Duke Ellington’s A Drum is A Woman. Besides acting, Carmen was also able to carve a stellar career as a dancer. She even appeared in numerous off-Broadway productions, which included Othello and many more.

Carmen was also able to appear in several films throughout her career, including the 1954 film Carmen Jones. She also holds acting credit in the memorable 1959 film Odds Against Tomorrow, where she starred alongside actor Harry Belafonte. Today, Carmen is already 90 years old, and we simply can’t help but be in awe of all of the achievements and accolades that she was able to receive throughout her stellar career.

Carmen Dell’Orefice | Born: 1931


Another Carmen who was born in 1931 is Carmen Dell’Orefice. Dell’Orefice is an extremely popular American supermodel, and she’s known to be the world’s oldest working model as of 2012. Carmen started her modeling career at a young age, and she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine at the age of 15. Since her appearance in the famous magazine, Dell’Orefice has been modeling ever since.

Besides modeling, Dell’Orefice was also able to cultivate a relatively successful acting career. As an actress, she holds acting credits in films such as Guru, Celebrity, and Sunchaser. She was also able to appear in major television shows such as Ageless Heroes and Law & Order. Today, Dell’Orefice is now 90 years of age, and she still looks incredibly stunning. It doesn’t surprise us at all, as she’s known to be the world’s oldest working supermodel for a reason.

Catherine Bach | Born: 1954


Born in March of 1954, Catherine Bach is a well-known American actress who’s best known for playing the role of “Daisy Duke” in The Dukes of Hazzard TV series. Besides The Dukes of Hazzard, Bach also appeared as “Margo Dutton” in another television show titled African Skies. Without a doubt, she was able to put together a stellar acting career as a television actress.

Besides television, Catherine was also able to appear in a handful of feature films. Some of her film credits include The Midnight Man, Crazed, You Again, and many more. Today, Catherine is already 67 years of age, with her last acting gig coming from 2016 in the television film My Best Friend. Despite her five-year hiatus from the entertainment industry, we’re confident that Catherine can sustain any lifestyle she wants as she’s made millions of dollars from her stellar acting career.

Catherine O’Hara | Born: 1954

Catherine O’Hara is a well-known Canadian actress who’s appeared in several feature films directed by Tim Burton. O’Hara’s most notable acting credits came in films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and Beetlejuice. She’s also known for her frequent collaborations with writer and director Christopher Guest, appearing in numerous films such as Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman, and many more.

As an actress, O’Hara received several acting accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a Genie Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, six Canadian Screen Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Without a doubt, she’s one of the most celebrated and decorated Canadian actresses of all time. Even at the age of 67, Catherine continues to appear in various films and television shows, and she has a couple of projects lined up for her over the next few years.

Cher | Born: 1946

It’s hard not to recognize who Cher is, as she’s one of the most famous and most iconic singers of all time. She’s often identified by the media as the “Goddess of Pop,” and she’s undoubtedly a cultural icon. As an entertainer, Cher is best known for her exceptional contralto singing voice, and she’s been able to adopt several styles and appearances throughout her stellar six-decade career.

Cher has also been able to sell over 100 million records throughout her career, which makes her one of the world’s best-selling musical talents. Some of her notable achievements include receiving an Emmy Award, an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards. Even at the age of 75, Cher continues to cultivate her presence in popular culture. She’s incredibly passionate about performing so we can expect her to be returning to film and be handling several projects and investments in the next few years.

Christopher Lloyd | Born: 1938


Christopher Lloyd is a successful American actor who’s appeared in several theatrical productions, films, and television series. He’s been an actor since 1961, and he’s widely known for his acting credit as “Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown” in the Back to the Future trilogy. Indeed, this was the film that catapulted him to stardom. He also starred in the hit comedy series Taxi from 1978 until 1983 as “Jim Ignatowski.” Without a doubt, Lloyd has been able to put together quite a successful acting career for himself.

As an actor, Lloyd was able to win several acting accolades, including two Emmy Awards for his performance in the comedy series Taxi. He then earned his third Emmy Award for his memorable guest appearance in the 1992 film Road to Avonlea as Alistair Dimple. Today, Lloyd is already 82 years of age, but he still makes frequent appearances in various television shows and films.

Christopher Walken | Born: 1943


One could make the case that Christopher Walken is one of the most prolific actors of all time. As an actor, Walken has been able to appear in over 100 feature films and television shows, including The Deer Hunter, The Dogs of War, Kings of New York, and Annie Hall. He’s also known for his exceptional performances in well-known films such as Click, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can, and in the 2016 rendition of The Jungle Book.

Walken’s acting resume doesn’t just consist of countless acting credits in film and television. He’s also managed to win his fair share of acting awards and nominations. Walken’s achievements as an actor include an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actor’s Guild Award, and nominations for an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. He’s already 78 years of age today, and he continues to appear in various films and television productions.

Chuck Norris | Born: 1940


Chuck Norris is an incredibly successful American martial artist who holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and Tang Soo Do. As a martial artist, Norris was able to win several martial arts championships, and he later founded the discipline Chun Kuk Do. His knowledge and mastery in martial arts allowed him to become a prolific American actor, and his most notable acting credits came in films such as Breaker! Breaker!, Good Guys Wear Black, and in the 1972 classic, Way of the Dragon. 

It’s worth noting that Norris is one of the most recognizable martial artists of all time. In turn, he was able to diversify from his regular endeavors. He became a writer, having penned books on different topics such as martial arts, philosophy, politics, exercise, and biography. Norris is already 81 years of age, but he still makes constant appearances in several advertisements.

Clint Eastwood | Born: 1930


One could argue that Clint Eastwood is one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. Eastwood is a prolific actor, film director, producer, and composer. As an actor, he appeared in several iconic films such as Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, and many more. He’s also received countless acting awards, including multiple Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Directors Guild of America Awards, among others.

At the age of 91, Clint continues to act, direct, and produce various feature films. You could say that Clint won’t be needing any payday loans anytime soon, as he’s still earning millions of dollars in the entertainment industry. He’s also known to keep himself occupied by engaging himself in various health and leisure activities and investing in several real estate properties. Without a doubt, this Hollywood legend is still living his best life, even in his 90s!

Cybill Shepherd | Born: 1950


Cybill Shepherd is a tenured American actress who’s appeared in several films. Shepherd’s most notable acting credits came in films such as The Last Picture Show, The Heartbreak Kid, Alice, and many more. She also made an appearance in Martin Scorsese’s 1976 classic Taxi Driver as “Betsy.” Besides film, Shepherd was also able to cultivate a successful television career, and she’s known for her roles on Psych, The Client List, The L Word, and many more.

As an actress, Cybill was able to win numerous acting accolades, including three Golden Globe Awards. She’s also received several nominations for an Emmy Award. Today, Cybill is already 71 years old, and she still constantly appears in various films and television shows. With the fact that she still appears in various productions, it’s reasonable to expect that she’ll be able to win one more major acting award as an actress.

David Letterman | Born: 1947


It’s incredibly easy to credit David Letterman as one of the most successful American television hosts of all time. Letterman has hosted multiple late-night television talk shows for over 33 years, beginning with Late Night with David Letterman on NBC back in 1982. He then ended with a 2015 broadcast of the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. In total, he has been able to host over 6,080 episodes of Late Show and Late Night, surpassing his great friend Johnny Carson as the longest-serving talk show host in American television history.

Besides hosting, Letterman is also an established television and film producer. His production company, Worldwide Pants, produced all of his shows, including The Late Late Show and a handful of other primetime comedies. You could say that Letterman is incredibly passionate about hosting, as he currently hosts the hit Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, even at the age of 74.

Dick Van Dyke | Born: 1925


Born in 1925, Dick Van Dyke was able to become one of the most recognizable actors of all time. He’s been able to put together an award-winning career that spanned over seven decades in film, television, and theatre. Some of Dick’s most notable film credits came in Hollywood classics such as Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Comic. In television, he’s also known for his memorable appearances in The Dick Van Dyke Show, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, The Carol Burnett Show, and many more.

Dick is also one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood history. His accolades include five Primetime Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award, a Tony Award, and many more. He was also inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s already 95 years old today and was recently honored with the Kennedy Center Honors.

Dolly Parton | Born: 1946

Dolly Parton is one of the cultural icons in the music industry whose songwriting skills and powerful voice have commanded her presence on both the pop and country music charts for several decades. She initially came to fame with country star Porter Wagoner before venturing into a solo career, which was marked by her hit singles like The Bargain Store, Joshua, Here You Come Again, Islands in the Sky, and I Will Always Love You, among others.

The singer has won many major awards with her distinctive vocals and thoughtful narratives and eventually got inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1999—creditto her singing prowess. Apart from singing, Parton has also set out into the acting industry, having starred in films like 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias, among others. Today, the musician is 75 years old and still actively does projects in music and films.

Donald Sutherland | Born: 1935

Donald Sutherland is known for movies and television shows like Pride & Prejudice, The Dirty Dozen, and The Hunger Games, to name a few. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and eventually became one of Canada’s well-known actors. He experienced his initial exposure to acting during his studies at the University of Toronto, where he took up engineering. During his junior year, he starred in a small role in a student production of The Male Animal by Edward Albee.

After college, Sutherland moved to the United Kingdom to work at the Perth Repertory Theater in Scotland and also appeared on stage in London before venturing on his half-a-decade career. In 1963, he got a part in the British romantic drama The World Ten Times Over. But it took several years before he got his breakthrough in 1970 when he accepted the role in the classic war comedy M*A*S*H, where he portrayed the role of Hawkeye. Since then, Sutherland has catapulted to greater heights and achieved a great degree of success throughout his career.

Anthony Hopkins | Born: 1937

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins initially began to pursue a stage career before entering the film industry in the late 1960s. Early on in his career, that actor starred in a wide range of films, including The Remains of the Day, The Dawning, and Amistad. After being nominated several times for an Oscar, Hopkins won two in The Father and The Silence of the Lambs.

Following his two-year military service in the British Army, he then moved to London to begin training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art—there were no online classes for acting during this time. After that, he went under the tutelage of the legendary actor Laurence Olivier, who invited the young Hopkins to join the Royal National Theatre in 1965. In the following years, the actor gained critical acclaim for his role in the film The Lion in Winter, where he played Richard the Lionheart. Eventually, Hopkins’ career flourished over the years, gaining tremendous success in his chosen profession.

Ellen Barkin | Born: 1954

American actress and producer Ellen Barkin landed her breakthrough role in the comedy-drama Diner in 1982, for which she gained favorable reviews. This was followed by a role in the drama film Tender Mercies the following year, with Robert Duvall, who played the lead role. That same year, she appeared in Eddie and the Cruisers. Since then, Barkin has appeared in a number of successful films like Sea of Love, opposite Al Pacino, as well as The Big Easy, with Dennis Quaid.

Apart from on-screen movies, the actress also starred in off-Broadway plays like Extremities and Eden Court. Other works she has done include the made-for-television films Before Women Had Wings, for which she won an Emmy Award, and The White River Kid. As of late, Barkin has starred in the film The Man from Toronto, which is in its post-production phase. As her career continues to flourish, she won’t be needing any payday loans anytime soon.

Emma Thompson | Born: 1954

British actress Emma Thompson first appeared in the sketch comedy series Alfresco early in her career and came to prominence in 1987 following her performances in two television series on BBC, Fortunes of War and Tutti Frutti, for which she received credits and a BAFTA Award. Thompson had often collaborated with her then-husband, actor and director, Kenneth Branagh, in the early 1990s, in films like Henry V, Peter’s Friends, and Much Ado About Nothing. 

The actress won an Academy Award as well as a British Academy Award for her performance in the period drama Howards End in 1992. The following year, she was nominated twice for an Academy Award for her roles in In the Name of the Father and The Remains of the Day. Thompson is still vigorously making film projects, with an upcoming film, Matilda, set to be released in 2022.

Estelle Harris | Born: 1928

With a shrill, grating voice, Estelle Harris is best known for her role as Estelle Constanza in the television sitcom series Seinfeld. She achieved early success in television commercials, securing 23 projects in a year at one point. One of her famous commercials was Handi-Wrap II, where she sang the brand’s praises energetically to a great degree. In 1977, Harris started her acting career in Looking Up and later became widely known for her supporting role in the aforementioned sitcom. She then portrayed the “old woman” who was actually the projection of the Nechani Spirits in the third season of the TV series Star Trek: Voyager.

Harris has also lent her voice in the animated films Toy Story, where she voiced the character of Mrs. Potato Head, and Mama Gunda in Tarzan II. Now at 93, the actress is still active in the entertainment industry, though she has no upcoming films or television shows.

Eva Marie Saint | Born: 1924

Eva Marie Saint has a career that has spanned over 75 years, for which she has received numerous creditsand accolades that included a Primetime Emmy Award, Academy Award, and nominations for two BAFTAs and a Golden Globe Award. She is one of the last surviving celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema, as well as the earliest surviving and oldest living Academy Award winner.

The actress started her acting career as a radio and television actress back in the 1940s. Among her notable works included Horton Foote’s The Trip to Bountiful, where she played Thelma and won an Outer Critics Circle Award. The play was later on adapted into a film with the same title. Other films in which she starred were That Certain Feeling, A Hatful Rain, Grand Prix, Producer’s Showcase, How the West Was Won, and many more.

Gene Hackman | Born: 1930

Academy Award-winning Gene Hackman served with the United States Marines before he studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse Theatre. Later on, he starred in his breakout film in Bonnie and Clyde. Hackman virtually played every role imaginable to a great degree, from a super cop and politician to a military leader and criminal mastermind. Some of his prominent performances were in The French Connection and Superman, as well as the films’ sequels.

In the early 1990s, Hackman worked with fellow iconic actor Clint Eastwood in the film Unforgiven, for which he earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Taking on the role of a morally questionable character, he also starred with Tom Cruise in the film The Firm, where he played the latter’s mentor. Outside acting, Hackman pursued a modest career as a novelist and co-wrote four books with Daniel Lenihan.

Goldie Hawn | Born: 1945

Goldie Hawn initially began her career as a dancer but later transitioned to acting on film and television, becoming a successful actress in the 1960s. She won an Academy Award for her role in Cactus Flower and was nominated for an Oscar after starring and producing Private Benjamin, which turned out to be a great investment for her career. Other films in which Hawn starred include The First Wives, Bird on a Wire, The Banger Sisters, and The Out-of-Towners. Her relationship with Kurt Russell started after starring in several films together, such as Disney’s The One and Only, Original Family Band, and Genuine. 

The actress has also enjoyed an active career in television since 1967, including the sitcom Good Morning, World, where she played the gossiping neighbor Sandy. Hawn became known for her comedy roles in the TV review Laugh-In, for which she earned two Emmy Awards nominations. In 2017, Hawn was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Harrison Ford | Born: 1942

Best known for his iconic roles as Indiana Jones and Hans Solo, Harrison Ford has a career that has spanned over 50 years. His acting career had struggled for years before George Lucas cast him in American Graffiti in 1973. Ford then came to superstardom following his role as Hans Solo in the first three Stars films and as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels, all of which were big hits. Among others, he also enjoyed leading roles in films like Witness, Patriot Games, Working Girl, Blade Runner, 42, and The Fugitive.

Outside acting, Ford is a licensed pilot who has often assisted the emergency services near his home in Wyoming in rescue missions. The actor is also a dedicated environmental activist who has served as the inaugural Vice Chair of Conversation International since 1991. In 2003, Ford received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for contributions in the entertainment industry. With significant success in his career, Ford will never need any cash loans.

Harvey Keitel | Born: 1939

Harvey Keitel first rose to prominence during the American New Wave in Hollywood and has held a long-running association with director Martin Scorsese. Indeed, she has starred in six of his films since 1973. The actor starred in films such as Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Blue Collar, Bugsy, Thelma & Louise, Pulp Fiction, Bad Lieutenant, The Piano, and many more. Keitel received credits and had been nominated several times for both a Golden Globe and Academy Award, and she won an AACTA Award.

Back in the 1960s, the actor studied at the H.B. Studio under Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler, eventually landing roles in some off-Broadway plays. Around this time, he auditioned for Scorsese and secured a starring role in the former’s first feature film, Who’s That Knocking at My Door, where he played the role of J.R. Today, at age 82, Keitel has an upcoming film that’s in the pre-production phase, The Legitimate Wise Guy, the release of which is still to be announced.

Helen Mirren | Born: 1945

Revered award-winning actress Helen Mirren was attracted to the theater at an early age and found inspiration from an amateur production of Hamlet when she was 13. During her high school, Mirren was urged by an English teacher, who was then recruiting for the National Youth Theatre, to audition for the troupe. To get credit, she got accepted at the age of 18.

At age 20, Mirren played Cleopatra in the production of Antony and Cleopatra in 1965. Her performance secured her an agent, as well as a place with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She made her West End stage debut in 1975. From then, Mirren was able to establish her name in the entertainment industry. She’s been involved with a ton of movies after, from comedy, drama, to basically anything. Indeed, the name Mirren is always mentioned, alongside heavyweights such as Deniro and DiCaprio, when talk of greatest actors comes up.

Jaclyn Smith | Born: 1945

Jaclyn Smith is best recognized for her role in the television series Charlie’s Angels, where she portrayed the character of Kelly Garnett. She was a fan favorite and the only original cast member who remained throughout the series’ run. In 2003, she made cameo appearances in the films Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Other films of Smith include Déjà Vu and Nightkill. In the 1980s, the actress increased her investment portfolio by releasing her own brand of perfume and clothing line.

Initially, the actress started out in television commercials in 1969. Years later, she became part of the cast of Charlie’s Angels, which eventually propelled her to stardom and landed her on the front cover of Time magazine. Smith was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance in the television film, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. She went on to star in other shows and films over the next 20 years.

Jacqueline Bisset | Born: 1944

Jacqueline Bisset started her acting career in the 1960s and came to prominence for her roles in The Sweet Ride, Bullitt, and The Detective, for which she received credit and a Golden Globe Award nomination. She first appeared as a model in The Knack… and How to Get It, and had her debut in Cul-de-sac in 1966. Bisset got her first lead role in the film The Cape Town Affair. Eventually, she gained mainstream recognition when she replaced Mia Farrow in The Detective, opposite Frank Sinatra.

In the years that followed, Bissett continued her success in the entertainment industry and starred in numerous films such as Day for Night, End of the Game, When Time Ran Out, Under the Volcano, High Season, Joan of Arc, The Sleepy Time Gal, and many more. Recently, Bisset played the role of Valentine Louvetstarred in the film Birds of Paradise.

Jane Fonda | Born: 1937

Jane Fonda is the daughter of the acclaimed actor Henry Fonda. She was able to star in such celebrated films such as Coming Home and Klute — she won two Oscars for these films. Apart from acting, Fonda found success in business after she made a series of investments in the creation of aerobic exercise videos.

The actress had her acting debut in the Broadway production of There Was a Little Girl in 1960, for which she received a Tony Award nomination. Fonda then made her screen debut later that same year in the romantic comedy, Tall Story. She eventually rose to prominence for her involvement in the comedies Sunday in New York, Period of Adjustment, Barefoot in the Park, Cat Ballou, and others. Today, at age 83, Fonda lent her voice to the upcoming 3D-animated film Luck, which is now in the filming phase and is set to be released in 2022.

Jennifer Tilly | Born: 1963

Aside from being a world-renowned Academy Award nominee, Jennifer Tilly is also a big name in the world of poker. A native of Los Angeles, Tilly first appeared on television in 1983 in the series Oh Madeline with a relatively minor credit role. In the following year, she debuted in the film No Small Affair, which gave her a reputation as a formidable actress. Subsequently, she appeared in well-received television shows such as Hill Street Blues, Cheers,  and Frasier. Despite these minor appearances, her eventual breakthrough was in Woody Allen’s masterpiece, Bullets over Broadway, which secured her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Now 63 years old, Jennifer Tilly has had a stellar career. Apart from acting, Tilly is also a competent poker enthusiast who was able to secure the top spot in the World Series of Poker in Texas in 2005.

Judi Dench | Born: 1986

Judi Dench has immortalized herself by portraying ‘M’ in the James Bond movie franchise. Dench’s earliest acting role was that of Ophelia in Royal Court Theatre’s Hamlet. Later on, she became part of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she was able to star in several plays, including The Cherry Orchard held at the Aldwych Theatre. Dench used her success in theatre to transition to film; her first credit role was in the film The Third Secret, and in the television series, Hilda Lessways.

With a long-standing career in the entertainment industry, Judi Dench proved herself to be one of the most exceptional actresses in Hollywood. At 86 years old, she’s been the recipient of more than 50 awards and 200 nominations. Apart from film-related awards, she also received awards such as the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE), and a fellow of the British Film Institute (BFI).

Julie Andrews | Born: 1935

Julie Andrews is someone who’s achieved legendary status in the world of entertainment. Indeed, she’s an icon of cinema at this point. A dynamic and versatile actress, Andrews gained a significant amount of success in Broadway, theatre, film, and television — not to mention, she is also a recording artist and is a famous children’s book author. Andrews is the recipient of the grand Kennedy Center Honors. She served as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and was declared a ‘Dame’ by Queen Elizabeth II.

Julie Andews’ film credits include Marry Poppins in Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins, as well as classics such as The Sound of Music, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Victor/Victoria, The Princess Diaries, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Apart from her skills as an actress, she has also been praised for her autobiography, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years.

June Squibb | Born: 1929

June Squibb touched the hearts of fans with her role in the film Nebraska where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. A versatile artist, June is known for being involved with many stage and TV productions. A native of Illinois, Squibb always dreamt of being an actress. Despite having a family who was uninterested in movies, she always found ways to feed her curiosity. As a teenager, she did a lot of modeling and posed for print during her time. Squibb’s breakthrough came in 1959 when she was cast in the production of the critically-acclaimed musical, Gypsy. She continued to appear on a number of stage plays, including The Happy Time, where she was nominated for a Tony Award.

Apart from her successful roles on stage, Squibb has credits in movies and television, as has worked alongside the likes of Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Kelly LeBrock | Born: 1960

Kelly LeBrock has held a foothold in the industry as one of the most prominent supermodels. Her face started proliferating in mainstream media during the 1980s. Among her earliest modeling gigs was for a British Airways advertisement. Kelly LeBrock appeared countless times on the covers of huge fashion magazines, including Vogue — she even took credit for coming up with the catchphrase “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,’’ which she used for a shampoo commercial.

Apart from her radiant career in the fashion industry, Kelly is also in touch with her creative side. Having achieved stability as a model, she used her success to transition to the big screen and was given roles in several movies, including The Woman in Red, Weird Science, and The Sorcerers Apprentice. Now 60 years old, Kelly is a proud mother of successful children and prefers to live a private life.

Kelly McGillis | Born: 1957

Fans of classic action movies such as Top Gun and Witness will most likely recognize Kelly McGillis and her impressive acting in the aforementioned films. A native of Los Angeles, Kelly McGillis developed a deep-seated interest in the craft of acting since she was a child. After she finished high school, she acquired a degree from Juilliard in 1983. In the same year, McGillis debuted in film when she portrayed Geneva in the movie Reuben, Reuben.

In 1985, she finally penetrated the Hollywood scene when she starred with Harrison Ford in Witness. It is worth noting that she became an icon after she starred in the critically-acclaimed film, Top Gun. The 64 year old has had a stellar career in the film industry. Apart from her renowned appearances, she was also cast in box-office hits such The Babe and Painted Angels.

Kim Novak | Born: 1933

Kim Novak’s name was etched in history because of her iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo. Born with exceptional skill and beauty, she was scouted by Harry Cohn, who used to head Columbia Pictures; she was even dubbed as the successor of Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe. As a strong-willed woman, Novak gracefully refused to be categorized as a sex-symbol, which stirred several arguments with directors and co-actors. Despite having credits opposite brilliant actors such as Fred MacMurray, James Stewart, William Holden, Frank Sinatra, Tyrone Power, Kirk Douglas, and Laurence Harvey, Novak was able to penetrate the industry with only sheer talent.

After several appearances in films, Novak transitioned to television roles.  She retired after shooting her final film, Liebestraum. Now 88, Novak is now away from Hollywood and is focused on being a full-time painter.

Lee Meriwether | Born: 1935

Apart from being famous for securing the title of Miss America in 1955, Lee Meriwether is also a prominent actress. She is famous for her role in the well-loved 1970s drama series, Barnaby Jones — her portrayal of Betty Jones secured her an Emmy Award nod and two Golden Globe Award nods. Because of her stimulating voice and piercing blue eyes, viewers became very fond of the actress. A native of California, it is worth noting that Merriwether won the Miss California pageant in 1954 and was, to her credit, crowned Miss America the following year.

She’s almost 90 years old and is no longer active in Hollywood. She has spent her time as a loving mother to two beautiful daughters, Lesly and Kyle. Both of them followed their mother’s footsteps in the world of acting. While she’s not the original Catwoman — that distinction belongs to Julie Newmar — she will always be remembered for playing the character in the 1966 Batman film.

Linda Evans | Born: 1942

Born Linda Evenstad, Linda Evans is one of the most prominent actresses to have graced the screens. She was introduced to acting in her high school days. What essentially started out as acting as a ‘form of therapy’ became a career. She first appeared in a minor role on an episode of Bachelor Father, opposite John Forsythe, with whom she would appear 20 years later in the television series Dynasty. She eventually became a staple in 1965 after her role in The Big Valley. Aside from television appearances, Evans also had credits in films such as Avalanche Express and Tom Horn.

At 78 years old, Linda Evans has established a dazzling career for herself. With her acting prowess, she was awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Drama Series and had consistent nominations from 1982 to 1985.

Maggie Smith | Born: 1934

Maggie Smith is one of the most prominent actresses from Great Britain. Her acting skills are so exceptional that she was declared a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her immense contributions to the field of performing arts. Smith started her career as a teenager before progressing to the cinema. Her breakthrough role was in the movie Nowhere to Go. Subsequently, Smith received an Oscar for Best Actress for her credit in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. She won another Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the movie, California Suite. Smith is one of six actresses who’ve won Oscars in both categories.

At 85 years old, there seems to be no sign of her slowing down. She recently appeared in the Harry Potter franchise as Professor Minerva McGonagall, which earned the actress even more appreciation from her fans.

Mel Brooks | Born: 1926

Born Melvin James Kaminsky, Mel Brooks is known for his skills as a comedian, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, composer, and lyricist. A native of New York, Brooks used to serve in the US Army as a corporal before focusing on playing the piano and stand-up comedy. During his initial attempts, Brooks’ skills slowly gained traction, and he was tasked to write for the comedy series, Your Show of Shows. He was consistently writing pieces for several sitcoms at the time. After he pervaded Hollywood, he went on to focus on directing. Among his credits are the movies The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and The Twelve Chairs, among others.

Now 95 years old, Mel Brooks can proudly say he’s one of a few people in Hollywood who’s been able to win all four major awards in the industry, namely an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Three of his films are also in the American Film Institute’s list of top 100 comedy films of all time.

Mia Farrow | Born: 1945

While most celebrities are known for their exceptional acting skills, Mia Farrow is quite different from the rest. Aside from being an actress, she is a well-known social worker, model, and human rights activist. Farrow hit the mainstream after her credit in the soap opera, Peyton Place. One of her most unforgettable roles was that of Rosemary in a Roman Polanski masterpiece, Rosemarys Baby. After receiving nods from BAFTA and the Golden Globes, she pushed herself by taking on more lead roles and experimenting with film and theatre. With over 50 films to her name, it goes without saying that Mia Farrow is definitely an exception.

At 76 years old, she’s redefined her life’s work by actively involving herself in social change. She has served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and focused on improving the lives of the Darfur tribe in Africa.

Mickey Rourke | Born: 1952

Born Philip Andre Rourke Jr., Mickey Rourke had quite a career. He had a bit of an odd start. Rourke started as an actor, only to shift to boxing and eventually go back to acting again. His acting prowess was first recognized in the film Body Heat. However, he finally broke through for his sensational acting in the film 9 ½ Weeks. In the 1970s, after Rourke decided to pursue acting, he moved to New York under the guidance of Sandra Seacat. Rourke was well-praised for his performance in Barfly and Angel Heart. Before Rourke became an actor, he was a skillful boxer; in 1991 he left acting to focus on the sport. After three years, he retired from boxing and went on to land several minor roles.

Now 69 years old, Mickey Rourke can safely say he’s had a career he can be proud of — and who knows, he may just win another Academy Award in the future.

Morgan Freeman | Born: 1937

Morgan Freeman needs no introduction. Because of all his Oscar-winning performances, saying that he is an amazing actor will sound like an understatement. Among his most famous credit roles are in the films Million Dollar Baby, Street Smart, and Driving Miss Daisy. As a child, he was always inclined toward acting. In fact, he won a statewide drama competition before he was a teenager. However, he hesitated to pursue acting when he was a teen and decided to serve as a radar technician in the United States Air Force. He ultimately realized that this was not for him and went on to take acting classes, which altered the course of his life.

Although he’s passed the 80-year mark, the actor still seems to have more energy than most. With a career full of amazing performances, he definitely deserves all the awards he was given.

Nick Nolte | Born: 1941

He’s known for a lot of films, but what many might not know about Nick Nolte is that he was also a former model. Nolte’s entrance into the entertainment industry came with a bang. He was able to establish a reputation as a great actor in the ‘80s. Among his hit films are 48 Hours, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and The Prince of Tides. For his performance in the latter, Nolte received a Golden Globe nod for Best Actor. He also earned more nominations for his roles in Affliction and Warrior. Aside from movies, he is equally good at television. For his appearance in the series Graves, Nolte was once again nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

He is now 80 years old and uninterested in making more films. It is worth noting that Nolte had appeared in over 67 movies and 20 television shows. He is also, to his credit, known to be able to play a wide array of characters.

Ozzy Osbourne | Born: 1948

Even though he is now well into his 70s, Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t lost his edge. Osbourne is well-known for being the frontman for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He became associated with the group back in 1968. The band gained prominence during the 1970s. Among the band’s most famous songs include ParanoidWar PigsIron Man, and Supernaut. Osbourne became known as the Prince of Darkness during his time with the band, a moniker he continued to use even after he left in 1979.

After Black Sabbath, Osbourne became a highly successful solo artist. Along the way, his wife Sharon became his trusted manager. She’s been managing his tours, investments, and finances. Outside of music, Osbourne appeared in numerous TV shows, mostly on MTV, the latest of which was in 2020. Of course, his appearances on television further cemented his status in popular culture.

Paul McCartney | Born: 1942

One of the most famous musicians of all time, Sir Paul McCartney still manages to amaze his fans, just as he did for decades. He began his career in 1957 when he met John Lennon and joined his band, The Quarrymen. Eventually, the band became The Beatles, which became a legend in the music world. Beatlemania became the term used to describe the band’s fame during the time. Countless songs from the band are considered classics and are still sung to this day. Although the band disbanded in 1970, McCartney found success as a solo artist.

Today, McCartney still sings Beatles classics in his concert tours. Aside from composing songs, McCartney has also dabbled into music composition, particularly orchestral music. His most recent project was McCartney III, which was released in 2020, to critical acclaim. Throughout his life, he was given credit for his contributions to both music and art.

Raquel Welch | Born: 1940

Raquel Welch was quite influential in the development of female characters in Hollywood. She initially started as a beauty icon thanks to her appearance in One Million Years B.C. Despite her minimal lines of dialogue, she nonetheless captivated many audiences and quickly became popular. However, she soon took up strong roles to break out of her shell. She eventually did and is given credit for her numerous portrayals of strong female characters throughout the 1960s and 1970s. These helped make her an icon of that era. Among the films she starred in include Bedazzled, Bandolero!, 100 Rifles, and Myra Breckinridge.

Even though she is in her 80s, Welch is still recognized by many as one of the most beautiful women of all time. Thanks to her success in acting, she was able to start her own beauty business, which was quite successful.

Richard Chamberlain | Born: 1934

Richard Chamberlain was very active in Hollywood when he was young. He made his fortune as a teen idol during the 1960s thanks to his credit role in the television series Dr. Kildare, which ran from 1961 to 1966. He continued to hone his craft during this time and eventually became recognized as a serious actor. In addition, he is also known for being the first actor to play the role of Jason Bourne — this was long before Matt Damon took on the role of the special agent.

While his career peaked in the 1970s, he’s been mostly focusing his energy on television since the 1990s. Indeed, he’s made appearances in shows such as Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, and Leverage. In addition, he had performed in a few theater productions, including in Spamalot and My Fair Lady, among others.

Robert Duvall | Born: 1931

Robert Duvall is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. Starting out in theater in the 1950s, he moved to television and film roles by the turn of the decade. He achieved fame for his roles in M*A*S*H, To Kill a Mockingbird, and THX 1138. He has also appeared in countless, critically acclaimed films throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and some have remarked that he was ‘Hollywood’s No. 1 or No. 2 lead’. Among the notable films he appeared in include The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Conversation, and Tender Mercies, with the latter winning him an Oscar.

In recent years, Duvall demonstrated that he is still a top-class character actor. His recent film, Widows, was well-received by many. He broke a record in 2015 for being the oldest living actor to have ever been nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Judge. Outside of acting, Duvall was able to make investments in charitable ventures.

Robert Redford | Born: 1936

Robert Redford is known for being one of the most talented actors of his generation. He started his career in the 1950s in theater. He rose to prominence during the 1960s and 1970s thanks to his great acting talents. Among his most notable performances include Inside Daisy Clover, War Hunt, and All the President’s Men. He continued his success throughout the 1980s, and his film, Ordinary People, won four Oscars, two of which he took home.

In addition to his acting career, Redford had a role in establishing the Sundance Film Festival, one of the most well-known film festivals in the world. Outside entertainment, Redford is also known for his activism over the years. He has made investments in causes supporting environmentalism, the arts, and civil rights. Often, he was joined in these efforts in the past by his ex-wife, Lola Van Wagenen.

Robert Wagner | Born: 1930

Despite being in his 90s, Robert Wagner remains quite active in his acting career. The actor became well-known for his numerous roles on TV over the years. The most notable among them include Switch, It Takes a Thief, and Hart to Hart. In recent years, he was known for his guest appearances in NCIS as Anthony DiNozzo Jr. While he starred in many dramatic roles, he also starred in comedic ones. For instance, his role as Teddy Leopold in the sitcom Two and a Half Men comes to mind.

Aside from television, Wagner starred in a number of movies. His most well-known is his role as Number 2 in the Austin Powers series. In addition, he starred in The Pink Panther, Harper, and A Kiss Before Dying. Outside of his career, Wagner has made investments in real estate over the years, and he owned notable properties in California and Colorado.

Sam Elliott | Born: 1944

Sam Elliott is quite well-known for his acting skills. He’s been noted for his deep voice, lanky physique, and full mustache. This made him perfect for the archetypal cowboy character, and many critics have noted that he does the role so well. This is exemplified by his roles in The Way West, Murder in Texas, The Quick and the Dead, and Gunsmoke. Aside from these Western roles, he played more dramatic roles in other genres, too, taking acting credit for films such as Lifeguard, Buffalo Girls, and Gettysburg.

While his dramatic roles pretty much defined his career, Elliott has also taken a jab at more comedic and light-hearted roles. His performances in The Hero, The Good Dinosaur, and his cameo in Parks and Recreation, are good examples. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and nominations, including two Golden Globes, an Oscar nomination, and an Emmy.

Sam Neill | Born: 1947

Sam Neill is one of New Zealand’s most recognizable actors. He rose to fame following his appearance in Sleeping Dogs in 1977. After a slew of leading roles throughout the 1980s, he gained international fame for his role as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park in 1993. He reprised the role in 2001 for Jurassic Park III and the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion in 2022. On television, many may know him for his role as Inspector Campbell in the hit series Peaky Blinders. In addition, he starred in The Tudors, Crusoe, and Happy Town.

Neill was honored for his work through the numerous accolades he received over the years. Among them include three Golden Globe nominations and two Primetime Emmy nominations. Outside of his career, he was able to make an investment in a vineyard in his home in New Zealand.

Sidney Poitier | Born: 1927

Sidney Poitier is an icon of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Poitier made history during the height of his career in the 1950s and 1960s. He was the first black and Bahamian male actor to have won an Oscar, thanks to his performance in Lilies of the Field in 1963. In addition, he received numerous accolades, including two Golden Globes. In 2002, he took credit from the entertainment industry and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to film.

Given his long time in the world of entertainment, it is quite surprising that the veteran actor is still around. While there had been no acting credit from the actor since 2008, he still remains a prominent figure in Hollywood. For instance, when he presented the Oscars for Best Director back in 2014, he was given a standing ovation from the audience.

Sigourney Weaver | Born: 1949

Because of her career that stretches nearly five decades, Sigourney Weaver was able to inspire both young and old. She rose to prominence for playing the iconic role of Ellen Ripley in Alien. While her performance was certainly one for the ages, what made it more impressive is the fact that it was her first major acting credit. In addition, it inspired a new generation of actresses to take up more action-packed heroic roles. Her character eventually became a symbol of female empowerment.

Throughout her career, she starred in many iconic films, including Ghostbusters, Avatar, Galaxy Quest, and Aliens. Even though she is in her 70s, Weaver is still quite active as an actress. Recently, she reprised her role from the original Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which is slated to be released in November of 2021. She has received numerous accolades over the years, including two Golden Globes and a BAFTA Award.

Sissy Spacek | Born: 1949

Sissy Spacek is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. With a career spanning 50 years, Spacek has captivated millions of fans, especially horror and thriller fans. Initially starting out as a recording artist, Spacek transitioned into acting after her record sales floundered. Her breakout role in Badlands in 1973 made her highly sought-after. Her most iconic role, however, was in Carrie, in 1976. Her portrayal of the telepathic yet troubled character got her an Oscar nomination and made her an icon of the horror genre. She won her first Oscar in 1980 for her performance in Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Today, Spacek remains a much-beloved actress, especially for horror and thriller fans. Recently, her acting credits include Bloodline, Homecoming, and Castle Rock. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards and countless nominations, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sophia Loren | Born: 1934

Sophia Loren is certainly a legend in Hollywood. She is an actress who rose to fame during the industry’s Golden Age and is one of its last surviving stars. The Italian actress was at the peak of her career during the 1950s because of films such as Houseboat, It Started in Naples, and The Pride and the Passion. Her roles at the time turned her into a beauty icon. She is given credit for being the first actress to win an Oscar for a foreign-language performance for her role in Two Women in 1969.

Despite her rare appearances in the 1980s, Loren was able to leave a mark on the industry. In addition to the Oscar that she won, her achievements cannot be understated. She holds the record (seven) for the most David di Donatello Awards for Best Actress. Even though many actors have since risen to prominence, many still admire the legendary actress.

Steve Martin | Born: 1945

Steve Martin is one of the most notable comedians of all time. He became known for his wacky and highly unusual style of comedy. He became famous in the 1960s as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Later, he became famous as a frequent host on Saturday Night Live. His numerous appearances on the show demonstrated his comedic skills. While he was known for his stand-up, he also got success as a film actor. Among the many films he starred in include L.A. Story, Parenthood, and Three Amigos. Aside from comedy and acting, Martin has also been quite successful in writing and music, having released several works over the years.

Even though he is in his 70s, Martin still amuses crowds the world over with his eccentric style of comedy. As such, he’s been given credit with numerous awards over the years, including five Grammys and an honorary Oscar.

Steven Spielberg | Born: 1946

When one is asked about a director from Hollywood they know, Steven Spielberg always comes to mind. Spielberg has, to his credit, been one of the most successful and legendary directors of all time. He is known for his direction of some of Hollywood’s most iconic and successful films. He rose to prominence during the 1970s thanks to his work on the iconic summer blockbuster, Jaws. Over the years, Spielberg was responsible for some highly iconic films such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, and Saving Private Ryan, among others.

Even though he’s now 74, Spielberg continues to direct and influence much of what happens in Hollywood. Aside from directing, Spielberg also co-founded Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks, companies which have been quite successful for decades. Among his most recent works include Ready Player One and the upcoming movies West Side Story and The Fabelmans.

Tommy Lee Jones | Born: 1946

As Hollywood’s most grizzled actor, Tommy Lee Jones has quite the reputation for making reporters cry and his fellow actors uncomfortable. On the other hand, he can also be charming, generous, and charismatic. Given the many film credits to his name, many have enjoyed Jones’ witty lines in the past, such as his iconic “I don’t care” line in The Fugitive.

Being a veteran actor, Jones has a long list of taboo topics to talk about for interviews. Reporters are aware that the two things they cannot ask him about are his private life and his investments. To some, this might sound like Jones likes being a diva, but banning these topics actually make sense. How about new reporters who perhaps do not know the Men In Black actor? Well, Jones is quick to say that the question does not deserve an answer.

Tony Bennett | Born: 1926

Considered the quintessential crooner, Tony Bennett is hailed as one of the biggest names in classic American music. His career has been a testament to diversity, longevity, and to some degree, controversy. Bennett did not become a revered music sensation overnight. He had been singing since he was ten, and at that young age, he was able to get a literal pat on the head from one of New York’s former mayors.

Despite the fact that he is 95 years old and is largely retired, he can still be seen practicing music. Sure, he has slowed down a bit, but despite that, he continued to perform, tour, and even record until he officially retired in August 2021. In an interview, the singer revealed that the secret to his success is that he never sings a song that was badly written, nor does he follow the latest musical trend.

Ursula Andress | Born: 1936

You probably have heard the latest news about Daniel Craig and his future in the James Bond franchise. Inevitably, when news about the film franchise comes up, news about Bond girls also surface. Ursula Andress was one of the first ones to don the mantle of Bond girl. There was actually a lot of luck involved as this woman from Ostermundigen was at the right place, the right time, and had the right talent to take on the role.

Andress turned 85 this March 2021, and despite her age, the beauty that made her a very attractive Bond girl has never faded. She was actually part of two movies, Dr. No and Casino Royale. Also, as someone who spent too much time in Italy, Andress also has film credits for three Italian movies, Un americano a Roma, Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova and La catena dell’odio. Now that she is retired, she splits her time between Italy and Switzerland.

William Daniels | Born: 1927

Many are familiar with Dustin Hoffman’s role in The Graduate — his performance was exemplary. Did you know, though, that William Daniels played the part of Hoffman’s character in the same movie? It was a movie that received significant investment from Hollywood, and it did not disappoint. Apart from this film, Daniels was part of Captain Nice and was the voice of KITT in Knight Rider. To his credit, he’ll always be remembered for voicing KITT, because that show is somewhat of an icon.

In 2014, the actor reprised his role as Mr. Feeny for the pilot episode of the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World. Even though he is now 94 years old, Daniels still takes on voice roles, such as the one mentioned above. As for live roles, he has toned down a bit and his last major big-screen project was in 2007, as Commissioner Ebbers in Blades of Glory.

William Shatner | Born: 1931

Star Trek actor William Shatner is ready to prove that he is worthy of his place in the Star Trek Universe by going to space. At age 90, the actor holds the record of being the oldest man to go to space. According to reports, a Blue Origin rocket, powered by the necessary gas, launched him into space on October 13, and people were ecstatic about it.

Prior to him conquering space, Shatner was a trained stage actor with a specialization in Shakespearean plays. He did not always have it easy — when Star Trek was canceled in 1969, he had difficulty looking for a job, but he did everything he could to get a stable career. He even entered the world of advertising, being the pitchman of several major logos like Promise margarine and Of course, all of that is behind him, because everyone knows that he was able to bounce back.

Woody Allen | Born: 1935

It is difficult to imagine, in this time of technology, that there are still a lot of people in the world that have never sent an email. One of them is Woody Allen. It is rather understandable since he probably thought it would require a lot of time investment to learn it. Nonetheless, he remains one of the most revered actors of all time. Although he’s made so many movies that have become blockbusters, he reportedly has never rewatched any of them.

This is really in line with his philosophy in life, which is to not mind what others say about him. The 85-year-old might be right because constantly being a slave to other people’s opinions can be tiring. Instead, he focuses on improving his work and making sure projects like Bananas, Radio Days, and Blue Jasmine come out perfectly.

Yoko Ono | Born: 1933

Art master Yoko Ono has been active in the industry since the 1960s. From the moment she showed her work at an art gallery in London, she’s been treated as nothing but a star. It was also at the venue that she met her late husband, John Lennon. They were not just partners in marriage, they were also collaborators. In fact, she achieved critical acclaim for a project they both worked on, Double Fantasy. The same album won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1980.

For many years, Ono had been criticized for allegedly being a factor in The Beatles’ break up. Of course, these remain mere allegations, and the credit probably goes somewhere else. Despite all that, Ono has been channeling her energy into activism, advocating for human rights from the 1960s until today. She also has not turned her back on music, founding The Coda Collection just this 2021.