Still Kicking: Celebrities Now Living In Their Golden Years

Alan Alda | Born: 1936

For his introduction to acting, Alan Alda undoubtedly has his father to thank. Throughout childhood, he and his mother would often attend and support his father’s work performing in theaters. By the time he was studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree, the actor had dabbled in a couple of extracurricular activities, notably performing in a play and appearing on TV.

Like many of his colleagues, Alda started his professional career as a stage actor. Performing with the improvisational comedy group the Compass Players, he acted on productions such as Heaven Come Wednesday, Job, and To Dorothy a Son. In retrospect, though, it’s safe to say he is most known for his performance as Hawkeye Pierce on the TV series MASH. With that said, he has also worked on other projects, including 30 Rock, The West Wing, and Marriage Story, with his most recent outing being on the show Ray Donovan.