Gorgeous Celebrities with Their Cute Pets and Astonishing Mansions

Lucy Hale

Pet: Elvis

House: Studio City | $2.498 Million


Lucy Hale is a well-known American actress who’s appeared in several films and television productions who is best known for her acting credit as Aria Montgomery in the hit television series Pretty Little Liars from 2010 until 2017. Besides being a devoted and talented actress, Hale is also a proud fur mom of an adorable little pup named Elvis. It’s no secret that the Pretty Little Liars star loves Elvis dearly, and she even calls her “little muffin.”

Elvis is undoubtedly one lucky pup to have a well-known Hollywood actress as his fur mom. With this in mind, this adorable little puppy will be roaming around Hale’s home, which is conveniently located in a beautiful Studio City home worth $2.498 million. The property has all the space that an adorable pup like Elvis needs, including four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and spacious living spaces. In addition, this fur mom-fur baby duo will get to spend quality time in a private pool that has breathtaking views of the canyon, the hills, and the city.